How to Trigger a YES Decision

The most successful people in the world are those who can get things done with and through others. By applying new scientific breakthroughs, it’s easier than ever to get “Yes!” decisions and actions.
Before persuading others to say “Yes!” let’s take a quick look at our own decision process. Only when we understand how the brain makes decisions can we successfully influence others’ decisions
Life’s Challenges

Let’s face it, life is a challenge. From the minute our eyes pop open in the morning until they close exhausted at night we deal with an avalanche of decisions. Get out of bed now or snooze? What to wear? What for breakfast – stick to the diet or enjoy? Which route to work? Stop for gas now or on the way home? Listen to the news or some new music? Which music?
At work it’s the same. Get that report out first or answer the emails and voice mail? Take a call or let voice mail pick up? What are the boss’s priorities? What are yours? Whose do you execute first?
All day long, requests and decisions drive activities. The need to decide is incessant; the issues never stop, never let up.
Dealing with this many decisions sounds difficult. It could be. If we had to use logic reason and cognitive thinking, if we had to rationally evaluate and think through each decision, we’d be trapped, locked in place, unable to move in any direction as we analyze, evaluate, contemplate, measure, and critique options. We’d wind up dazed and immobile. We’d go nuts!
Nature’s Triggers to the Rescue
Fortunately, nature, our emotion based limbic system, has provided us with a highly effective, simple solution to enable us to easily get through each decision-making opportunity. That solution is our “internal navigation system” referred to in the book and PBS series “The Secret Life of the Brain.” This system resides in our brain’s emotional center and is activated by our personal databank of emotion based internal triggers. The take away summary from the breakthrough live brain research is this:
“We are not thinking machines. We are feeling machines that think.”
What is a trigger? What is this powerful internal navigation tool that initiates automatic, quick, easy decisions? A trigger is an emotion based gut-feeling shortcut that helps us avoid the pain of rational thinking, of laborious cognitive mental evaluation. We are pre-programmed to comply with other’s requests when the request activates the appropriate triggers.
The secret for persuasion success is to determine which triggers can be activated for each situation. The weird irony of this need for quick, easy emotion based triggers is that the more sophisticated and complex our lives get, the more information we have, the more we need and rely on simple ways to help us make decisions. The smart manager, leader, sales rep understands this need and prepares her requests accordingly.
The exciting new science of live brain imaging documents that one emotion based brain element, the amygdala, receives most outside stimulus, requests for decisions. The amygdala has two choices. It can make an immediate emotion based decision tapping into the life long database we build. Or, if no prior emotion is triggered it can send the request to the pre-frontal cortex for lengthy, rational, time consuming cognitive evaluation. Here’s a newly discovered scientific fact: Reason and logic do not persuade. They might back up an emotional decision, but they do not heavily influence the decision.
To get what you want through others you must activate their emotion based triggers.
How Do You Activate an Emotional Trigger?
One of the 7 primary emotional triggers is the Authority Trigger. When we perceive someone is an authority, we usually act on their requests. What do you do when your doctor, the “authority,” gives you a prescription? Do you search the Internet and research the chemical compounds? Do you check the FDA website to evaluate the documentation for safety and efficacy? No, you get the prescription filled. The doctor’s authority triggered you to make a quick automatic decision.
How about your accountant, the financial “authority”? When he says, “file this way,” do you examine the 16,000 page tax code for logic and reason, or do you follow his advice? Again the authority trigger motivates a quick, non-thinking automatic decision.
How do you persuade with the authority emotional trigger? Be the authority! Know your stuff. Do your homework. We give unthinking automatic compliance to those who have done the hard digging for us. Show the other person you are fully informed about your subject and that you can be trusted to give expert information. Create the right impression and the other person’s amygdala will perceive less risk, feel more assurance, and trust. You’ll get the decision you want.
Each of the triggers can be activated to produce easy, automatic decisions and actions. In the most simplistic form these triggers are:
The Friendship Trigger
Activates trust and agreement through bonding
The Authority Trigger
Activates acceptance through expertise
The Consistency Trigger
Motivates consistency with past actions
The Reciprocity Trigger
When you give, you get
The Contrast Trigger
Structures contrasts to make one approach better than another
The Reason Why Trigger
Emotional reasons to make decisions and actions
The Hope Trigger
Instills positive expectations that persuade agreement
Activate a combination of these triggers and you will get anything you want.
2,500 years ago Aristotle wrote, “The best route to persuasion is with reason and logic.” It took science 2,500 years to learn he was wrong. The brain just doesn’t work that way. We finally know how the brain really works in the decision process. Your simple approach: Work with the brain rather than against it. Activate the brain’s emotional triggers and achieve the results you seek.

This blog post was originated in the 7 triggers to yes

Are You Intellectually Lazy?

Take this simple test that you can do quickly in your mind and you will see if you are intellectually lazy.

Do not try to solve it but listen to your intuition: A bat and ball cost $ 1.10. The bat costs one dollar more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?

A number came to your mind. The number, of course, is 10: 10 ¢. The distinctive mark of this easy puzzle is that it evokes an answer that is intuitive, appealing, and wrong. Do the math, and you will see. If the ball costs 10 ¢, then the total cost will be $ 1.20 (10 ¢ for the ball and $ 1.10 for the bat), not $ 1.10. The correct answer is 5 ¢.

Now let’s look at a logical argument— two premises and a conclusion. Try to determine, as quickly as you can, if the argument is logically valid. Does the conclusion follow from the premises?

All roses are flowers. Some flowers fade quickly. Therefore some roses fade quickly.

This argument is flawed, because it is possible that there are no roses among the flowers that fade quickly. Just as in the bat-and-ball problem, a plausible answer comes to mind immediately. Overriding it requires hard work— the insistent idea that “it’s true, it’s true!” makes it difficult to check the logic, and most people do not take the trouble to think through the problem.

Now lets look at the illistration below and quickly identify which horizontal line is longer.

More than likely you selected line (a) the fact is they are both the same length.

Intelligence is not only the ability to reason; it is also the ability to find relevant material in memory and to deploy attention when needed.

Failing these minitests appears to be, at least to some extent, a matter of insufficient motivation, not trying hard enough. Our excessive confidence in what we believe we know, and our apparent inability to acknowledge the full extent of our ignorance and the uncertainty of the world we live in. We are prone to overestimate how much we understand about the world and to underestimate the role of chance in events.

Those who avoid the sin of intellectual sloth could be called “engaged.” They are more alert, more intellectually active, less willing to be satisfied with superficially attractive answers, more skeptical about their intuitions. The psychologist Keith Stanovich would call them more rational.

Conflict between an automatic reaction and an intention to control it is common in our lives.

The reason for this is because our brain operates on two levels

The distinction between fast and slow thinking has been explored by many psychologists over the last twenty-five years. Psychologist refer to this as System 1 and System 2, which respectively produce fast and slow thinking.

System 1 (fast thinking) is more influential than your experience tells you, and it is the secret author of many of the choices and judgments you make. It also operates automatically and quickly, with little or no effort and no sense of voluntary control.

System 2 (slow thinking) allocates attention to the effortful mental activities that demand it, including complex computations. The operations of System 2 are often associated with the subjective experience of agency, choice, and concentration. System 2 takes over, overruling the freewheeling impulses and associations of System 1.

An important note here is, if you are intellectually lazy you are more susceptible to marketing and sales tricks that play on the fact that 80% of folks are susceptible.

There are two takeaways from this as I see it. One being the obvious “think through your next purchase before you buy” and the other is the less obvious “if you’re a internet marketer and can put together a sales funnel that only engages the the fast thinking part of one’s mind you stand to create a powerful tool that can become irresistible to the majority.

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Why Do You Love Football?

It’s Sunday morning and while I was watching the early morning football matchups on the NFL channel I began thinking “why did I love football” so much? It’s not like I ever had a shot to get on the High School football team even though I tried, let alone a college or the NFL team. In High School I was fearless and ferociously competitive but I just couldn’t escape the fact that I was only 5’ 2” and weighed 125 lbs. at the time.

Was it because that wonderful feeling I would get when my father would play catch with me in the back yard as a little lad. Or maybe it was all those pickup games that I would play in the neighborhood where all you buddy’s would line up and the two best players would be captains. They would alternate selections on that draft day that would make up the two teams; Shirts vs. Skins (I used to hate to be picked last which was rare but I never went in the first round either).

Maybe it was the shocking effect I would get when my mother and father would be watching the Washington Redskins play away games on Sunday and my mother would scream at the TV yelling at the referees for bad calls or the players for botched plays while my dad would call out penalties before they were announced by the referee.

Some of my greatest football memories where when my parents would take me and my sister to this, like, membership bar on Sundays when the Washington Redskins would be playing at home, Philadelphia or NYC. Where we would then hop on a bus with my parents friends and proceed to the Game. All of the adults would be singing the “Hail to the Redskins” song or would be telling past great play stories and fantasize about the team’s future. The longer the drive the better our team would get. I’m thinking the alcohol might have impacted the facts a little…We did this until I was about 12.

My dad received custody of the season tickets in the divorce so I began going to every home game with him until I was 17. When I was 25 my dad gave me the Season Tickets and I thought I was “The Biggest Fan”. At that time Joe Gibbs was the coach of the Skins and they played at RFK which was a small stadium, certainly by today’s standards. It would only hold around 50 thousand people and the first 50 rows were on a steel platform that would echo this amazingly loud rumbling when everyone would rapidly pound their feet. When you combined that with 50 thousand screaming fans, it was so loud you could hardly hear yourself think. I can only imagine how opposing teams would hate to play there. Grandads football photo touched up

A few years back I had to move my mother belongings into storage because she became ill and had to be moved into a nursing home. During the move I discovered a photo of a football team back in 1920. As it turned out my grandfather was the second string Right Guard on the 1920 Semi-pro C.A.C Championship Team in Southern Ohio. WOW! I thought to myself, my grandfather was a part of the creation of a sport that just happened to be Football. This was 5 years before there was a commissioner of football, when only the lineman wore leather helmets and the rules were as loose as Auburn’s coach Gene Chizik. If you have ever seen the movie Leather Heads with George Clooney my grandfather was playing Semi-Pro football 5 years before the era of that movie which makes me wonder how tuff he would have had to have been. I digress.

I can only surmise that my fascination with football is tied to a lifetime of great memories with family and friends as well as being part of a family that contributed to the making of the greatest sport on turf. That last one might be a stretch but this is why I believe I love football.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

If you have a great football story, I would love to hear about it or share this one with a fellow fans of the game. Either way if it’s Sunday and my team is playing I can assure you I will be at home watching the game.

Have a great Football Sunday

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Cyber Snafu’s

In the world of internet marketing where it seems TABOO to say it takes a long time or it can be hard, you just have to love those snafu’s and challenges that just happen, as you try become a successful internet marketer…

For example just yesterday I was working on Pinterest and planned on setting up a new board (which is one of the things you do in Pinterest).
So I set my board up and proceeded to try and upload pictures for a pin post (which is another one of those things you do on Pinterest). For some reason I got this crazy idea to try which is an easier way to upload photos to Pinterest (so I was told). So I began to download the Picas site and while it was downloading, a window Popped up and said the path to the Sonic CinePlayer Decoder Pack could not be found (I’m thinkin “what the fu*K is a decoder pack). It was deleted (probably by me). So in a frantic fury I quickly looked the problem up in google. The fix was another download and $14.95. I need to note that I have two monitors so I can keep an eye on one program while I work on another. Well, while I was reading the” how to download the fix” the Picas sight apparently decided it would upload all of the Pictures and jpegs that were in my computer and for a minute I thought, well I just saved $14 bucks until I realized that it was uploading jpegs that were created by my accounting software such as spread sheets, balance sheets, invoices, job costs and then proceeded to my architectural sections, layouts, designs, specifications, symbols and samples ( 21 years of files ) as well as my 200 pictures (which is all I really wanted to upload) with a grand total of over 843,000 pics and jpegs. Needless to say I closed the program after a 2 hour stint and a powerful lesson from Picasa.
After a good night’s sleep and some metal preparation I began to work on my Word-Press sight AKA blog. I was following a step by step video until the gentleman on the video said “just click on the link tab”, and to my surprise there was no link tab in my WordPress. I had no idea where to get a link tab and it’s not like you can just go and buy one. Well after about an hour of trying to figure that problem out I wrote the guy in the video for help (still waiting). iStock_000014219021XSmall

I then moved on-to setting up my “Sign up to my blog form” which is connected cyberly to an auto responder so I can work on building my list. I was following the step by step instructions once again and even though I was using a different auto-responder I was able to figure it out, or so I thought. I discovered though testing that apparently for some unknown reason it will not acknowledge my personal email. This problem mystifies the powers-to-be at the auto-responder site because it works on every other email we tried except my personal email. Can I say another two hours wasted…

I won’t go into the mirage of setbacks, glitches operator error’s that have pop up throughout my internet journey like some sick and twisted video game, but I will say I am really looking forward to the day when I can look back and say “Geeze that wasn’t so hard”

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The Rules Of Marketing Have Changed

Marketing used to be about interruption. For example we would be driving to work listening to our favorite song or talk show and then out of nowhere a commercial comes on advertising something you don’t need or want. You just want to go back to what you were listening too…The same holds true for TV… In fact we have become so accustome to interrupt marketing that we have learned to tune this type of marketing out. It seems the more commercials that interrupt our lives the less we pay any attention…I think it’s amazing how we can hear something and not really be hearing anything almost like static fuzz on a TV (boy I just dated myself)… Yet many companies refuse to give into the new methods of marketing. It’s even in our email boxes, textarketing and let’s not even talk about the interruption of the sales call (who thought of this and what was going on in his/her mind?)Business relation
The times are changing and you are beginning to see it everywhere. I remember one time several years ago I was buying couch for my home and I wanted a piece of the fabric so I could pear other items in my living room. I had to pay $15.00 bucks for a sample… I recently purchased another couch at the same store and a fabric sample was free, in fact came with it and didn’t even have to ask for it…
We are now in the permission based marketing era… No longer do the old rules have the effect or results they used to. We despise interrupt marketing. If I want to know about a product you better have some information up on the internet so I can do my research. And if you want my real attention tee up a eBook, free trial or even better get to know me and educate me on what products are out there, how they are different and what would be the best buy for me and my needs..
Engagement is the new rule for marketing today. And if you are marketing you better understand your client and where their pain points are. You must be willing to explain their pain in a story that resonates with them and what their life will be like when there pain is gone, and the quickest and easiest way to solve their problem is this crazy product that just happens to be what you’re selling. Everyone wants a story. Stories are shared today if they are good, and sharing is huge in today’s social media world. Marketing success today is reaching someone who is in pain, sharing a story that resonates with them about their pain, providing them with a product that solves their pain and then get them to share their story with their friends. When you do this in the social media world, the opportunities are endless.iStock_000024303246XSmall
Give the house and lease the land.. Giving free trials, samples and test runs are bigger than ever and will continue to grow. We are moving into this world of engagement where stories are shared and teaser products are free, relationships are built and then products are sold.
Understanding the market awareness and the type of persona you are marketing to is a crucial part to the path of a successful marketing campaign. You need to break through the noise and stand out. By understanding the market awareness you can come up with content that is fresh and never heard before which is engaging by its own right. Understanding the persona you are marketing to help you target your campaign with laser accuracy.
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We tend to procrastinate most when we are faced with a challenge that we are not familiar with or simply just don’t like. I like to think of this as getting out of our comfort zone. When we do something we are not familiar with we begin to learn which is kind of funny because when we do things in our comfort zone we are just repeating something we already know. You would think it would be the other way around. Maybe it’s because we think we know all there really is to know, therefore we just put it off or convince ourselves it can just wait.

When you think about it, nothing good really ever comes from your comfort zone. However when you step out of your comfort zone new things begin to happen, you have more insight, new signals are being sent, opportunities begin to surface and you begin altering the U in YOU.

Just think for a moment about the last time something good came from lying on the couch watching TV, or just going through the motions of life (wake up, commute, work, commute, eat, watch tv, sleep and repeat). Now think about one time in your life you did something out of your comfort zone and the benefits you received.

When I was 19 I began traveling with two of my friends. We spent two months traveling together and then one of my friends went back to his family and we parted ways and my other friend ended up meeting the love of his life and ended up getting married while we were in New Mexico. This seems funny now because the whole reason we were traveling was to land a job in the Uranium mines in NM and make our fortune so we could meet of with other friends that had traveled to Greece. As the wedding date approached I began examining my options, all of which were stepping out of my comfort zone. One night as I perused the magazine of my liking at the time “Penthouse” I stumbled on this article about hitch-hiking. The article inspired me to continue my adventure by myself and so after the wedding I set out and completed my 6 month adventure hitch hiking across the country.

The most memorable experience was being all alone so I would seek out entertainment and meeting new people. Sometimes I would go to bars and because I was so board I would end up being the first one there. I would usually sit in the corner and when someone would come in that looked like someone I needed to know (female) I would think of something interesting to say, walk over as any cool 19 year old would do and then roll out my shtick that would go something like this: Hey how you doing my name is Gary (some would actually have to turn around in there chair) what is your name? Are you from here? and maybe throw in the real closer: you come here often? That would usually get me a single word response and then they would usually turn back around and carry on with their conversation while I was still standing there. So I would just walk back to my corner with my head hung down and tail between my legs, then I would think of something else to say, get back up, walk over and drop my new shtick. I remember how painful and embarrassing that was because let’s face it at 19 I was not the most articulate person in the world.

The good that has come from this, is to this day I am so comfortable with meeting new people and striking up conversation that it boggles the minds of some of my closest of friends. This has become a real asset in sales and continues to provide me with benefits that I will never loose.

Now I’m not saying go hitch-hiking, however I am saying step out of your comfort zone and break some barriers, set the bar and I can promise you’ll reach personal highs. Just sayin!

Success Starts With A Definite Purpose

Like many of us we are determined to be successful, we believe whole heartedly in the value of what we have to offer and are focused on maximizing our income for our efforts. In other words playing the cash game.

Few of us realize the desire for more money is really about more value in living, more freedom to do what we enjoy doing and possibly leaving some tracks in the sand without binding the majority of our time to income production.

We all want to stop waking to work, rest, eat, sleep, and repeat. We hate that our time is monopolized by a paper chase which seams to go out quicker, than it comes in. We end up working to live instead of living to work!

As I spend more time studying and analyzing universal law, I have realized that it was actually possible for us to make lots of money doing exactly what we enjoy in life. I understand that this seems counterintuitive for most people, but it’s true. <strong>You really can do what you want to do and make money.</strong>

We are taught to go to school, study, get good grades, get a “good” job, work hard, save our money and enjoy our years of retirement. Well, what happens if the game changes and you can’t retire when you planned to? What happens if you never reach retirement age?

What happens if you lose that “good” job? What happens if you’re not good at studying, or you have to get a crummy job instead of going to school because bills have to be paid? Any one of these things, and sometimes all of these things can happen, even to people with the best of intentions.

So what then? Are you never to enjoy your life? Maybe, some people never do. But, what I found is that the solution is quite simple.

The solution is to pursue your definite purpose.

Right now, answer this one question.  <strong>If, right now, you already had all the money you would ever need to do absolutely anything you desired to do, and right now, you had already done absolutely everything you have ever imagined yourself doing, what would you be willing to do with the rest of your life, to give your life meaning, on your terms, when you felt like doing it? </strong>

Answer that one question honestly, and you my friend will have determined what is called a “definite purpose.” Your definite purpose is that thing that you could pursue all day everyday, if necessary, and yet it never feels like work, you never think of it as a job. Your definite purpose is that thing you could pursue because you truly enjoy it. It brings meaning and value to your experience of living. It’s what you can pursue with passion and joy and a smile on your face. It’s something that you could talk about anytime, with anyone willing to talk about it.

<strong>That, my friend, is what you should be pursuing right now! </strong>

To achieve a definite purpose you must visualize what it will look like. You must place yourself into the image in your mind and feel what achieving your definite purpose will feel like. You must see yourself doing what you will do when you achieve it. You must resolve to keep your faith strong and return your focus to success whenever it wanders.

But, most importantly, <strong>you must take action</strong>. This step is crucial, not because your plan is what will bring success, but because you must be doing things that support your desire and faith in order for your desire and faith to be embedded in your subconscious mind (where transmission to the universe occurs), and you must be taking actions through which the universe can access delivery.

<strong>Just keep in mind that all words, thoughts actions, and emotions are subject to the laws of the universe.</strong> Now, some are going to read these words and say, “Sure, think positive and work my plan . . . I don’t need universal law to do that. And if that were all anyone ever needed, then we all would have what we desire.” If this is what you are thinking, you are missing the point.

People with absolutely no knowledge of universal law attain what they want all the time. This is very true. What is also true, however, is that universal law is at work whether you know it or not. So, people with no knowledge, even people with knowledge and no belief, can still have a definite purpose and utilize the principles of universal law completely unaware that they are doing so.

How often have you looked at successful people and determined that they are not smarter than you, they are not more talented than you, they did not start from a more beneficial position than you, and decided that they must simply be “luckier” than you?

Well, I’ve got news for you, they are not luckier than you either! Whether they knew it or not, they applied the laws of the universe to attain their success. Without conscious alignment with universal law it may take some longer than others, with conscious alignment with universal law it will be quicker, but each of us can have what we desire when we comply with universal law.

Knowing how to work within these laws simply makes things happen quicker, with less effort and more consistency. <strong>The more skill you have in operating within this system, the faster and easier you can make things happen. It is that simple!</strong>

When we have what some call a “burning desire”, that is (at least for that moment) a definite purpose. We think about it all the time, even when we don’t want to. We are reminded of it everywhere we go, and everywhere we look. We dream about it, and act in ways that support it’s coming. We get excited by the potential of having it, and we anticipate its arrival. That is a definite purpose.

That is when our subconscious mind has taken over and is broadcasting to the universe our intent to have this experience. That is when the universe is responding by rearranging potential everywhere to make way for delivery of this experience. That is the power of a definite purpose!

But, when delivery takes just long enough for us to stop anticipating; just long enough for us to doubt delivery, the momentum stops! The universe finds use for that energy somewhere else where anticipation is greater. The infinite intelligence of the universe does not judge us for our impatience. It simply responds to our decreased attraction for that experience and continues to go about delivery where attraction remains high. It is doing its job to perfection. If we stop wanting it, we don’t get it, it’s just that simple.

Right now, as you are reading this, the universe is making way for my goal attainment.

I have already seen how the changes I have made have brought me what I desired. I defined a definite purpose in several areas of my life and have been amazed by my results. My focus in life has changed. My state of mind has changed. My relationships with others have changed. My level of consciousness has changed. I am promoting the unfailing consistency of universal law, and I do so for good reason.

<strong>Pursue your purpose. The income will come! </strong>

Check out Oprah on Larry King Live discussing universal law (specifically the Law of Attraction aka “<a href=”;v=i0wYxh-akZs”>The Secret”.)</a> <strong>SO, WHY ARE YOU HERE?</strong> You are here because you’re being assisted by infinite intelligence. You’ve been looking for strategies related to your finances, your career, your emotional or physical wellbeing, your family, your social status, or perhaps all of these.

You want to have more money, more freedom, and more joy. You want to be more confident. You want to feel better about yourself and what you contribute to others. You’re here because you are curious about how you can work with a higher power to have a more meaningful and enjoyable life. <strong>You’ve been thinking about making some changes in your life and you’ve been searching for the courage to get started.</strong> In short, you want to clarify your definite purpose.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the law of attraction. Perhaps you have even used it with success. Or, like so many others, perhaps you have had difficulty achieving success with it. Perhaps, you have never heard of it. Either way, <strong>IT IS NOT BY CHANCE THAT YOU FOUND THIS SITE!</strong>

Infinite intelligence is simply delivering to you an opportunity to gain what you seek. You must decide for yourself if you will accept it.

Once you have defined your definite purpose you may be seeking a platform that will enable you to achieve your goals. Therefore if you are looking for a way to create a better way of life that will provide you with opportunities with unimaginable success the <a href=””>CLICK HERE</a>

If your ultimate goal, when using YouTube is to pave a way to fame and fortune, and to have your videos viewed by millions of people then getting views would be the main goal.

One of the best ways is to build your audience is to build your subscriber list because they represent a starting point for the number of views each new video will receive. A lot of people using YouTube don’t really see the subscribe feature as all that important so there is a certain amount of indifference as to whether they are a YouTube friend with someone or not. This, however, can work to your advantage. Recently, YouTube has implemented a new  feature: when you first log in, you have a choice to view new videos posted by people you’ve subscribed to, or to see all the activity by your Friends which means that simply by being “Subscriber Friends” with another You Tuber!

For years people have been sending out spam asking people to subscribe to their channel. Many YouTubers are resistant to such spam. Even if they like your videos, they are not necessarily going to jump on that “Subscribe” button. The reason is basic human nature: it’s an action they have to consider and, let’s face it, inaction takes less effort than action. And once they cruise by that subscribe button, there’s little chance they’ll ever think of coming back to it therefore a great way is to just tell them to subscribe in your video or with annotation.

Another great feature YouTube has is in the comments section, because now you can create a Video response and it gets sent as a email directly to the creator…If you post a comment you will see it right on the page so if you want other peps to see your comments then you would post it in writing and if you want to send a message directly to the creator then “Create a video response” and it will go directly to his email inbox.

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Viral Marketing, What is it really?

Unless we find a cost-effective way to get our message out, we are doomed. We can no longer survive by interrupting strangers with a nuance of messages about a product they’ve never heard of, using techniques that annoy them.

Folks have too little time and too much power to stand for this much longer therefore we need new ways to promote our business.

Viral marketing is an idea that spreads–and an idea that while it is spreading actually helps market your business or cause.

There are two kinds of viral marketing: The original viral marketing is the product where a self-amplifying cycle occurs. Hotmail, for example, or YouTube. The more people use them, the more people see them. The more people see them, the more people use them. The product or service must be something that improves once more people use it.

A second kind has evolved over the last few years, and that’s a marketing campaign that spreads but isn’t the product itself for example: a poster of Barack Obama was everywhere, because people chose to spread it. It was viral and it was marketing (because it made an argument–a visual one–for a candidate.)  Viral_marketing_principles_size485

It took 40 years for radio to have ten million users. It took 15 years for TV to have ten million users. It only took 3 years for Netscape to get to 10 million, and it took Hotmail and Napster less than a year.


Why should we care?  Because you don’t have to wait for a viral idea to happen organically or accidentally. You can plan for it, and make it happen.


In the old days we’d run ads, interrupt people with unanticipated, impersonal, irrelevant ads and hope that they’d buy something. And sometimes they would. For the most part this old way is becoming obsolete and new rules of marketing are taking shape.


Instead of causing one-way interruption, marketing is now about delivering content at just the precise moment your audience needs it.


Fortunately, there are already proven techniques you can use to identify, launch and profit from ideas that can be turned into viruses. There’s a right and a wrong way to create them, and more important, the care and feeding of your idea can dramatically affect its potency.


The key steps to building a virus are:

  1. Create a noteworthy online experience that’s either totally new or makes the user’s life much better. Or make an offline experience better/faster/cheaper so that switching isn’t worth the hassle.
  2. Have the idea behind your online experience go viral, bringing you a large chunk of the group you’re targeting WITHOUT having to spend a fortune advertising the new service.
  3. Fill the vacuum in the marketplace with YOUR version of the idea, so that competitors now have a very difficult time of un-teaching your virus and starting their own.
  4. Achieve “lock in” by creating larger and larger costs to switching from your service to someone else’s.
  5. Get permission from users to maintain an ongoing dialogue so you can turn the original attention into a beneficial experience for users and an ongoing profit stream for you.
  6. Continue creating noteworthy online experiences to further spread new viruses, starting with your core audience of raving fans.


It’s Possible To Dramatically Increase The Chances Your Idea Will Catch On And Spread.images


This is the great part. Once you understand the fundamentals behind the development of a viral idea, you can unleash your own.


Just because viral ideas usually spread through unknown means or accidental events doesn’t mean that there isn’t a science to building and managing them.


You can invest in designing your product to make it virus worthy. Then if you understand the eight elements of the viral formula, you increase your chances of spreading your idea every step along the way, therefore:



  1. 1.      Make it virus worthy. If it’s not worth talking about, it won’t get talked about.


  1. 2.      Identify the tribe. You won’t get the full benefit of a viral idea until you dominate your tribe.


  1. 3.      Expose the idea. Expose it to the right people, and do whatever you need to do to get those peopled deep into the experience of the idea as quickly as possible. Pay them if necessary, especially at the beginning. NEVER charge for exposure if you can help it.


  1. 4.      Figure out what you want the sneezers to say. You’ve got to decide what you want the sneezers to say to the population. If you don’t decide, either they’ll decide for you and say something less than optimal, or they won’t even bother to spend the time.


  1. 5.      Give the sneezers the tools they need to spread the virus. After you’ve got a potential sneezer, make it easy for him to spread the idea. Give him a way to send your idea to someone else with one click. Let me join your affiliate program in sixty seconds or less. Reward the people I spread the virus to, so I don’t feel guilty for spreading it.


  1. 6.      Once the consumer has volunteered his attention, get permission. The goal of marketer is to use the virus to get attention, then to build a more reliable, permanent chain of communication so that further enhancements and new viruses can be launched faster and more effectively, under your control this time.


  1. 7.      Amaze your audience so that they will reinforce the virus and keep it growing. Where are the Cabbage Patch Kids? Why do some viruses burn out more quickly than others? The simplest reason is that marketers get greedy and forget that a short-term virus is not the end of the process, it’s the beginning. By nurturing the attention you receive, you can build a self reinforcing virus that lasts and lasts and benefits all involved.


  1. Admit that few viruses last forever. Embrace the lifecycle of the virus. Cats was a terrific success on Broadway. But even great shows don’t last forever. By understanding that the needs of the virus change over time (and that the benefits received change as well) the marketer can match expenditures to the highly leveraged moments.


I look forward to your comments as well as the results of my search for the “Secrete Viral Formula”