In 2007 I was on top of my game , as much as one could be in the construction industry.  Accolades included multiple contractor of the year awards,  green contractor of the year, guest speaking and being abducted into the Top 50 contractors.  I even landed the cover of one of the trade magazines “Qualified Remodeler”.

I soon learned life comes at you fast and before I could stop the momentum we had fallen into the ibis of the bad economy and then before I was able to wrap my hands on counter measures I was struck with yet another setback.

The test results of a routine physical discovered that I had contracted the Hepatitis C virus some 35 years ago.

It wasn’t long before it was reviled that my liver was severely damaged by this virus.  Treatment was required if I wanted to stop the viral attack.

I went through the 11 month interferon treatment only to find out it didn’t work.  I recall that period as my living hell.

In Nov. of 2012 I began noticing blood in my stool and surgery was required.  It turned out I was bleeding internally which is a tell, that my liver was becoming exhausted and liver failure is inevitable.

I knew my days were now numbered unless a new cure is developed that I can take, so During my  recovery I began re-evaluating my life.

It became increasingly clear to me that the life I was leading was a dead end.

The stress that comes with the construction business, the physical endurance needed and at that time were only compounded with the financial constraints that had developed from bad decisions, broken promises and missed opportunities.  Despite my efforts of correction attempts temporary setback was in the horizon.

It was a fork in my road of life and a decision had to be made,  good or bad.

With a full evaluation of the consequences, On that cold day in November I made a decision to close my 21 year old construction business.

I then set out to reinvent myself and after two years of research I chose real estate, specifically purchasing None Performing Notes.  Mostly because I felt like I could make a contribution by helping others, and the fact that the supply of none performing notes far exceeded the demand and the profit potential far exceeded that of flipping houses and or purchasing REO’s.

I share this with you because I encourage you not to wait for a life altering experience to motivate you.  Life does come at you fast and it is unforgiving, therefore chose your life and live it on your terms.  This is what freedom is all about.

So follow me on my journey in becoming a successful note purchaser.