In the world of internet marketing where it seems TABOO to say it takes a long time or it can be hard, you just have to love those snafu’s and challenges that just happen, as you try become a successful internet marketer…

For example just yesterday I was working on Pinterest and planned on setting up a new board (which is one of the things you do in Pinterest).
So I set my board up and proceeded to try and upload pictures for a pin post (which is another one of those things you do on Pinterest). For some reason I got this crazy idea to try which is an easier way to upload photos to Pinterest (so I was told). So I began to download the Picas site and while it was downloading, a window Popped up and said the path to the Sonic CinePlayer Decoder Pack could not be found (I’m thinkin “what the fu*K is a decoder pack). It was deleted (probably by me). So in a frantic fury I quickly looked the problem up in google. The fix was another download and $14.95. I need to note that I have two monitors so I can keep an eye on one program while I work on another. Well, while I was reading the” how to download the fix” the Picas sight apparently decided it would upload all of the Pictures and jpegs that were in my computer and for a minute I thought, well I just saved $14 bucks until I realized that it was uploading jpegs that were created by my accounting software such as spread sheets, balance sheets, invoices, job costs and then proceeded to my architectural sections, layouts, designs, specifications, symbols and samples ( 21 years of files ) as well as my 200 pictures (which is all I really wanted to upload) with a grand total of over 843,000 pics and jpegs. Needless to say I closed the program after a 2 hour stint and a powerful lesson from Picasa.
After a good night’s sleep and some metal preparation I began to work on my Word-Press sight AKA blog. I was following a step by step video until the gentleman on the video said “just click on the link tab”, and to my surprise there was no link tab in my WordPress. I had no idea where to get a link tab and it’s not like you can just go and buy one. Well after about an hour of trying to figure that problem out I wrote the guy in the video for help (still waiting). iStock_000014219021XSmall

I then moved on-to setting up my “Sign up to my blog form” which is connected cyberly to an auto responder so I can work on building my list. I was following the step by step instructions once again and even though I was using a different auto-responder I was able to figure it out, or so I thought. I discovered though testing that apparently for some unknown reason it will not acknowledge my personal email. This problem mystifies the powers-to-be at the auto-responder site because it works on every other email we tried except my personal email. Can I say another two hours wasted…

I won’t go into the mirage of setbacks, glitches operator error’s that have pop up throughout my internet journey like some sick and twisted video game, but I will say I am really looking forward to the day when I can look back and say “Geeze that wasn’t so hard”

If you have experienced setbacks in your internet journey I would love to hear about them, so feel free to comment. Otherwise Follow me on my journey as I become a master of internet marketing by signing up to my blog (take notice to my handy work “the social buttons”) and social sites.
Have a great day!

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