We tend to procrastinate most when we are faced with a challenge that we are not familiar with or simply just don’t like. I like to think of this as getting out of our comfort zone. When we do something we are not familiar with we begin to learn which is kind of funny because when we do things in our comfort zone we are just repeating something we already know. You would think it would be the other way around. Maybe it’s because we think we know all there really is to know, therefore we just put it off or convince ourselves it can just wait.

When you think about it, nothing good really ever comes from your comfort zone. However when you step out of your comfort zone new things begin to happen, you have more insight, new signals are being sent, opportunities begin to surface and you begin altering the U in YOU.

Just think for a moment about the last time something good came from lying on the couch watching TV, or just going through the motions of life (wake up, commute, work, commute, eat, watch tv, sleep and repeat). Now think about one time in your life you did something out of your comfort zone and the benefits you received.

When I was 19 I began traveling with two of my friends. We spent two months traveling together and then one of my friends went back to his family and we parted ways and my other friend ended up meeting the love of his life and ended up getting married while we were in New Mexico. This seems funny now because the whole reason we were traveling was to land a job in the Uranium mines in NM and make our fortune so we could meet of with other friends that had traveled to Greece. As the wedding date approached I began examining my options, all of which were stepping out of my comfort zone. One night as I perused the magazine of my liking at the time “Penthouse” I stumbled on this article about hitch-hiking. The article inspired me to continue my adventure by myself and so after the wedding I set out and completed my 6 month adventure hitch hiking across the country.

The most memorable experience was being all alone so I would seek out entertainment and meeting new people. Sometimes I would go to bars and because I was so board I would end up being the first one there. I would usually sit in the corner and when someone would come in that looked like someone I needed to know (female) I would think of something interesting to say, walk over as any cool 19 year old would do and then roll out my shtick that would go something like this: Hey how you doing my name is Gary (some would actually have to turn around in there chair) what is your name? Are you from here? and maybe throw in the real closer: you come here often? That would usually get me a single word response and then they would usually turn back around and carry on with their conversation while I was still standing there. So I would just walk back to my corner with my head hung down and tail between my legs, then I would think of something else to say, get back up, walk over and drop my new shtick. I remember how painful and embarrassing that was because let’s face it at 19 I was not the most articulate person in the world.

The good that has come from this, is to this day I am so comfortable with meeting new people and striking up conversation that it boggles the minds of some of my closest of friends. This has become a real asset in sales and continues to provide me with benefits that I will never loose.

Now I’m not saying go hitch-hiking, however I am saying step out of your comfort zone and break some barriers, set the bar and I can promise you’ll reach personal highs. Just sayin!

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