As I indulge deep into the boules of WordPress I have noticed many instructions for installing word press refer to manually installing the program/platform into your designated hosting company. The instructions include downloading a FTP and then accessing your hosting sites control panel so you can upload the WordPress (once you have given your hosting company the URL for your new site). This usually means that you would have to first, find a name that hopefully is keyword enriched and then give that URL (name) of your new website/blog to your hosting company.
Many WordPress instructions offer yet another site to select your websites name and then would refer you to a hosting company to park your WordPress. Now, I owned a construction company for many years before I got into internet marketing and one of the things we always tried to do was to keep things simple and eliminate the blame game. We would do this by grouping multiple tasks with one trade for example: We would always have the granite guy install the sinks if one was required. We did this because if a crack mysteriously appeared then we knew exactly who to call to fix the problem. This also eliminated the blame game.

I have now created three WordPress websites. One site I paid someone to create which was expensive and easy, however when the site went down I ended up having to search high and low to figure out what the problem was because I did not want to pay the programmer anymore. As it turned out the site’s name (URL) was through one company like “GoDaddy” and the hosting company was with Network Solutions and the email for the site was generated through another company called EasyCGI. I never understood why however in the element of time I just moved on.
The second WordPress website I created manually which means I had to download the FTP and once again reach out to “GoDaddy” for the URL (name of the site) copy the code information and post it to my hosting company that was going to host the website. I also had the hosting company provide me with email service. Now this was great however this hosting company is in the UK therefore support usually takes 24 hours and was not available on the weekends. This is extremely frustrating because like everyone else in the world “I want it NOW!”. Since all of this was so new to me the set up took a lot of time just to make sure I was getting it right, not to mention I had to wait another 24 hours before my WordPress site would be visible online. To this day I cringe at the thought of having to get support from this company.

Now that I am a little more savvy in the arena of WordPress I thought I would apply my new skills with the same approach I used when I was a General Contractor to set up my third website and group as much as I could with one party. So I found a hosting company that offered URL selection, hosting, email and most importantly 24/7 support and was located in my time zone. Setting up WordPress was never so easy “One phone call and 10 minutes later I had all three setup and within two hours I was posting my first blog on my new site which included a hiccup where I had to call the Hosting company back and they ended up having to reinstall WordPress, which was amazing because I would have never figured out the problem.
The moral of the story is:, if you want to set up a WordPress site find a hosting company that offers URL selection, hosting , email and most importantly 24/7 support and just have them do it. BTW did I mention the support is FREE. Just another no brainer!

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