If your ultimate goal, when using YouTube is to pave a way to fame and fortune, and to have your videos viewed by millions of people then getting views would be the main goal.

One of the best ways is to build your audience is to build your subscriber list because they represent a starting point for the number of views each new video will receive. A lot of people using YouTube don’t really see the subscribe feature as all that important so there is a certain amount of indifference as to whether they are a YouTube friend with someone or not. This, however, can work to your advantage. Recently, YouTube has implemented a new  feature: when you first log in, you have a choice to view new videos posted by people you’ve subscribed to, or to see all the activity by your Friends which means that simply by being “Subscriber Friends” with another You Tuber!

For years people have been sending out spam asking people to subscribe to their channel. Many YouTubers are resistant to such spam. Even if they like your videos, they are not necessarily going to jump on that “Subscribe” button. The reason is basic human nature: it’s an action they have to consider and, let’s face it, inaction takes less effort than action. And once they cruise by that subscribe button, there’s little chance they’ll ever think of coming back to it therefore a great way is to just tell them to subscribe in your video or with annotation.

Another great feature YouTube has is in the comments section, because now you can create a Video response and it gets sent as a email directly to the creator…If you post a comment you will see it right on the page so if you want other peps to see your comments then you would post it in writing and if you want to send a message directly to the creator then “Create a video response” and it will go directly to his email inbox.

If you are into maximizing your traffic then these two tid-bits should be a real treat.

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