Now that I have discovered how to install wordpress and create my very own blog that I can customize to my hearts content I thought I would reassure anyone who is interested in setting up a blog on how easy it really is.  I simply went to YouTube and searched “How to set up a wordpress blog”.  Then I picked James Stafford  How to Create A Blog With WordPress/A Free Website Software Builder and within minutes I had a blog.  Well not necessarily because I had to sign up with a hosting company (I used  I picked D9 because it was recommended to my by my mentor.  Then I had to pick a name for my blog which I just used my name and purchased the URL from D9.  All of this is illustrated in the video.  The only cost’s I incurred was the hosting because the first URL is free with a hosting purchase.  Pretty cool!  Now I plan on discovering how to add widgets, links, pics and other enhancements for my site, therefore stay tuned and I will share.

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