It’s Sunday morning and while I was watching the early morning football matchups on the NFL channel I began thinking “why did I love football” so much? It’s not like I ever had a shot to get on the High School football team even though I tried, let alone a college or the NFL team. In High School I was fearless and ferociously competitive but I just couldn’t escape the fact that I was only 5’ 2” and weighed 125 lbs. at the time.

Was it because that wonderful feeling I would get when my father would play catch with me in the back yard as a little lad. Or maybe it was all those pickup games that I would play in the neighborhood where all you buddy’s would line up and the two best players would be captains. They would alternate selections on that draft day that would make up the two teams; Shirts vs. Skins (I used to hate to be picked last which was rare but I never went in the first round either).

Maybe it was the shocking effect I would get when my mother and father would be watching the Washington Redskins play away games on Sunday and my mother would scream at the TV yelling at the referees for bad calls or the players for botched plays while my dad would call out penalties before they were announced by the referee.

Some of my greatest football memories where when my parents would take me and my sister to this, like, membership bar on Sundays when the Washington Redskins would be playing at home, Philadelphia or NYC. Where we would then hop on a bus with my parents friends and proceed to the Game. All of the adults would be singing the “Hail to the Redskins” song or would be telling past great play stories and fantasize about the team’s future. The longer the drive the better our team would get. I’m thinking the alcohol might have impacted the facts a little…We did this until I was about 12.

My dad received custody of the season tickets in the divorce so I began going to every home game with him until I was 17. When I was 25 my dad gave me the Season Tickets and I thought I was “The Biggest Fan”. At that time Joe Gibbs was the coach of the Skins and they played at RFK which was a small stadium, certainly by today’s standards. It would only hold around 50 thousand people and the first 50 rows were on a steel platform that would echo this amazingly loud rumbling when everyone would rapidly pound their feet. When you combined that with 50 thousand screaming fans, it was so loud you could hardly hear yourself think. I can only imagine how opposing teams would hate to play there. Grandads football photo touched up

A few years back I had to move my mother belongings into storage because she became ill and had to be moved into a nursing home. During the move I discovered a photo of a football team back in 1920. As it turned out my grandfather was the second string Right Guard on the 1920 Semi-pro C.A.C Championship Team in Southern Ohio. WOW! I thought to myself, my grandfather was a part of the creation of a sport that just happened to be Football. This was 5 years before there was a commissioner of football, when only the lineman wore leather helmets and the rules were as loose as Auburn’s coach Gene Chizik. If you have ever seen the movie Leather Heads with George Clooney my grandfather was playing Semi-Pro football 5 years before the era of that movie which makes me wonder how tuff he would have had to have been. I digress.

I can only surmise that my fascination with football is tied to a lifetime of great memories with family and friends as well as being part of a family that contributed to the making of the greatest sport on turf. That last one might be a stretch but this is why I believe I love football.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

If you have a great football story, I would love to hear about it or share this one with a fellow fans of the game. Either way if it’s Sunday and my team is playing I can assure you I will be at home watching the game.

Have a great Football Sunday

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