Like many of us we are determined to be successful, we believe whole heartedly in the value of what we have to offer and are focused on maximizing our income for our efforts. In other words playing the cash game.

Few of us realize the desire for more money is really about more value in living, more freedom to do what we enjoy doing and possibly leaving some tracks in the sand without binding the majority of our time to income production.

We all want to stop waking to work, rest, eat, sleep, and repeat. We hate that our time is monopolized by a paper chase which seams to go out quicker, than it comes in. We end up working to live instead of living to work!

As I spend more time studying and analyzing universal law, I have realized that it was actually possible for us to make lots of money doing exactly what we enjoy in life. I understand that this seems counterintuitive for most people, but it’s true. <strong>You really can do what you want to do and make money.</strong>

We are taught to go to school, study, get good grades, get a “good” job, work hard, save our money and enjoy our years of retirement. Well, what happens if the game changes and you can’t retire when you planned to? What happens if you never reach retirement age?

What happens if you lose that “good” job? What happens if you’re not good at studying, or you have to get a crummy job instead of going to school because bills have to be paid? Any one of these things, and sometimes all of these things can happen, even to people with the best of intentions.

So what then? Are you never to enjoy your life? Maybe, some people never do. But, what I found is that the solution is quite simple.

The solution is to pursue your definite purpose.

Right now, answer this one question.  <strong>If, right now, you already had all the money you would ever need to do absolutely anything you desired to do, and right now, you had already done absolutely everything you have ever imagined yourself doing, what would you be willing to do with the rest of your life, to give your life meaning, on your terms, when you felt like doing it? </strong>

Answer that one question honestly, and you my friend will have determined what is called a “definite purpose.” Your definite purpose is that thing that you could pursue all day everyday, if necessary, and yet it never feels like work, you never think of it as a job. Your definite purpose is that thing you could pursue because you truly enjoy it. It brings meaning and value to your experience of living. It’s what you can pursue with passion and joy and a smile on your face. It’s something that you could talk about anytime, with anyone willing to talk about it.

<strong>That, my friend, is what you should be pursuing right now! </strong>

To achieve a definite purpose you must visualize what it will look like. You must place yourself into the image in your mind and feel what achieving your definite purpose will feel like. You must see yourself doing what you will do when you achieve it. You must resolve to keep your faith strong and return your focus to success whenever it wanders.

But, most importantly, <strong>you must take action</strong>. This step is crucial, not because your plan is what will bring success, but because you must be doing things that support your desire and faith in order for your desire and faith to be embedded in your subconscious mind (where transmission to the universe occurs), and you must be taking actions through which the universe can access delivery.

<strong>Just keep in mind that all words, thoughts actions, and emotions are subject to the laws of the universe.</strong> Now, some are going to read these words and say, “Sure, think positive and work my plan . . . I don’t need universal law to do that. And if that were all anyone ever needed, then we all would have what we desire.” If this is what you are thinking, you are missing the point.

People with absolutely no knowledge of universal law attain what they want all the time. This is very true. What is also true, however, is that universal law is at work whether you know it or not. So, people with no knowledge, even people with knowledge and no belief, can still have a definite purpose and utilize the principles of universal law completely unaware that they are doing so.

How often have you looked at successful people and determined that they are not smarter than you, they are not more talented than you, they did not start from a more beneficial position than you, and decided that they must simply be “luckier” than you?

Well, I’ve got news for you, they are not luckier than you either! Whether they knew it or not, they applied the laws of the universe to attain their success. Without conscious alignment with universal law it may take some longer than others, with conscious alignment with universal law it will be quicker, but each of us can have what we desire when we comply with universal law.

Knowing how to work within these laws simply makes things happen quicker, with less effort and more consistency. <strong>The more skill you have in operating within this system, the faster and easier you can make things happen. It is that simple!</strong>

When we have what some call a “burning desire”, that is (at least for that moment) a definite purpose. We think about it all the time, even when we don’t want to. We are reminded of it everywhere we go, and everywhere we look. We dream about it, and act in ways that support it’s coming. We get excited by the potential of having it, and we anticipate its arrival. That is a definite purpose.

That is when our subconscious mind has taken over and is broadcasting to the universe our intent to have this experience. That is when the universe is responding by rearranging potential everywhere to make way for delivery of this experience. That is the power of a definite purpose!

But, when delivery takes just long enough for us to stop anticipating; just long enough for us to doubt delivery, the momentum stops! The universe finds use for that energy somewhere else where anticipation is greater. The infinite intelligence of the universe does not judge us for our impatience. It simply responds to our decreased attraction for that experience and continues to go about delivery where attraction remains high. It is doing its job to perfection. If we stop wanting it, we don’t get it, it’s just that simple.

Right now, as you are reading this, the universe is making way for my goal attainment.

I have already seen how the changes I have made have brought me what I desired. I defined a definite purpose in several areas of my life and have been amazed by my results. My focus in life has changed. My state of mind has changed. My relationships with others have changed. My level of consciousness has changed. I am promoting the unfailing consistency of universal law, and I do so for good reason.

<strong>Pursue your purpose. The income will come! </strong>

Check out Oprah on Larry King Live discussing universal law (specifically the Law of Attraction aka “<a href=”;v=i0wYxh-akZs”>The Secret”.)</a> <strong>SO, WHY ARE YOU HERE?</strong> You are here because you’re being assisted by infinite intelligence. You’ve been looking for strategies related to your finances, your career, your emotional or physical wellbeing, your family, your social status, or perhaps all of these.

You want to have more money, more freedom, and more joy. You want to be more confident. You want to feel better about yourself and what you contribute to others. You’re here because you are curious about how you can work with a higher power to have a more meaningful and enjoyable life. <strong>You’ve been thinking about making some changes in your life and you’ve been searching for the courage to get started.</strong> In short, you want to clarify your definite purpose.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the law of attraction. Perhaps you have even used it with success. Or, like so many others, perhaps you have had difficulty achieving success with it. Perhaps, you have never heard of it. Either way, <strong>IT IS NOT BY CHANCE THAT YOU FOUND THIS SITE!</strong>

Infinite intelligence is simply delivering to you an opportunity to gain what you seek. You must decide for yourself if you will accept it.

Once you have defined your definite purpose you may be seeking a platform that will enable you to achieve your goals. Therefore if you are looking for a way to create a better way of life that will provide you with opportunities with unimaginable success the <a href=””>CLICK HERE</a>

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