Marketing used to be about interruption. For example we would be driving to work listening to our favorite song or talk show and then out of nowhere a commercial comes on advertising something you don’t need or want. You just want to go back to what you were listening too…The same holds true for TV… In fact we have become so accustome to interrupt marketing that we have learned to tune this type of marketing out. It seems the more commercials that interrupt our lives the less we pay any attention…I think it’s amazing how we can hear something and not really be hearing anything almost like static fuzz on a TV (boy I just dated myself)… Yet many companies refuse to give into the new methods of marketing. It’s even in our email boxes, textarketing and let’s not even talk about the interruption of the sales call (who thought of this and what was going on in his/her mind?)Business relation
The times are changing and you are beginning to see it everywhere. I remember one time several years ago I was buying couch for my home and I wanted a piece of the fabric so I could pear other items in my living room. I had to pay $15.00 bucks for a sample… I recently purchased another couch at the same store and a fabric sample was free, in fact came with it and didn’t even have to ask for it…
We are now in the permission based marketing era… No longer do the old rules have the effect or results they used to. We despise interrupt marketing. If I want to know about a product you better have some information up on the internet so I can do my research. And if you want my real attention tee up a eBook, free trial or even better get to know me and educate me on what products are out there, how they are different and what would be the best buy for me and my needs..
Engagement is the new rule for marketing today. And if you are marketing you better understand your client and where their pain points are. You must be willing to explain their pain in a story that resonates with them and what their life will be like when there pain is gone, and the quickest and easiest way to solve their problem is this crazy product that just happens to be what you’re selling. Everyone wants a story. Stories are shared today if they are good, and sharing is huge in today’s social media world. Marketing success today is reaching someone who is in pain, sharing a story that resonates with them about their pain, providing them with a product that solves their pain and then get them to share their story with their friends. When you do this in the social media world, the opportunities are endless.iStock_000024303246XSmall
Give the house and lease the land.. Giving free trials, samples and test runs are bigger than ever and will continue to grow. We are moving into this world of engagement where stories are shared and teaser products are free, relationships are built and then products are sold.
Understanding the market awareness and the type of persona you are marketing to is a crucial part to the path of a successful marketing campaign. You need to break through the noise and stand out. By understanding the market awareness you can come up with content that is fresh and never heard before which is engaging by its own right. Understanding the persona you are marketing to help you target your campaign with laser accuracy.
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